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Dr Maria Vidacic

Dr Maria Vidacic

I am a fully registered medical doctor with a licence to practise in the United Kingdom. My clinical practice covers aesthetic medicine and emergency medicine. This allows me to bridge my passion for fashion, style and beauty with a privilege to help people through the difficult times.

I am certified and fully insured to consult on anti-ageing treatments and deliver non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

I live and work in London, UK.


Before and after anti wrinkle treatment

I offer free consultations on anti-ageing cosmetic treatments. These come with no obligation and are always delivered by me.

I treat each patient as an individual, respect their privacy and respond honestly to their questions.

I work in partnership with my patients, listening to their wishes, and sharing the information needed to make the right decisions. My interests do not affect the way I treat patients. Decissions on treatment are made on safety and sensibility.

Please note that consultations might not lead to treatment.

Before and after anti wrinkle treatment

Anti wrinkle injections offer temporary improvement in the appearance of the facial lines. These include vertical frown lines, crows feet, and horizontal forehead lines. Botulinum toxin is injected into facial muscles. In tiny doses, this toxin relaxes the clenched facial muscles that cause facial lines.

Treatments usually take 3 to 7 days before you start to see results. You'll notice smoother skin where you got the injections. Treatment intervals should not be more frequent than every three months.

Before and after anti wrinkle treatment

Dermal fillers are injected to restore facial volume, fill fine lines, wrinkles and folds, as well as redefine lips. The most used substance for this task is hyaluronic acid. I use genuine high quality products, including JUVÉDERM® ULTRA, Restylane and Belotero.

Usually 10 days need to pass to allow any swelling and bruising to settle before the final results. The results last between 9 to 12 months depending on the choice of product.

Why Choose Me?

professional approach

I treat my patients as I do myself and my family. There is no compromise on safety of treatments and quality of products.

Personal commitment

I am your personal doctor. I will guide you from the first consultation, through treatment, and follow up.

Home Visits

Your needs are at the heart of everything I do. From free consultations when and where you want them using messaging apps, to home visits 7 days a week.


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